Supporters gathering last-minute signatures for recreational marijuana

OKLAHOMA CITY – As the deadline is quickly approaching, groups wanting to legalize recreational marijuana are scrambling to collect last-minute signatures.

Last Sunday, ‘Green the Vote’ announced that it had already collected 132,000 signatures for its petition to add State Question 797 to the ballot.

Officials say that number is about 8,000 more than what was required, but the group didn’t stop there.

In fact, they had tents and stands up around the state to gather as many last-minute signatures as possible before the Aug. 8 deadline.

Volunteers with ‘Green the Vote’ says they still have concerns that recreational marijuana won’t make it on the November ballot even if they get the numbers they need. They say the time it takes to verify all of the signatures may delay it from making onto the ballot in time.

“We`re ready, we`re sick and tired of being set aside, our voices not being heard. You can tell there is a significant difference in how senators and lawmakers feel in Oklahoma¬†City versus how the residents feel, and we’re sick and tired of being misheard and misrepresented,” said Ashley Mullen-Lowry, with Green the Vote.

There are other obstacles the state question will have to overcome before it can make it on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The process normally takes about 60 days after a governor has received a measure to put it on the ballot, which doesn’t take into account any legal challenges.

The deadline for state questions begin added to the November ballot is Aug. 27.

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