Documents detail man’s bizarre behavior before being arrested on murder charge 

NEWKIRK, Okla. - There's new information about the hours after a man allegedly killed a woman in her home, and his bizarre behavior before he was arrested.

Brock Wilkins was arrested on a first-degree murder charge after police said he killed Michelle Gentry in her home.

Wilkins went to the home of Joey Reynolds the day after the murder occurred. Reynolds says he knew Wilkins for a long time, but didn't often see him, so he was surprised when he showed up.

"Looked up and just so happens here comes Brock walking," Reynolds said. He didn't know police were looking for Wilkins after finding Gentry in her home. According to court documents, "she had multiple stab wounds to her body, and defensive wounds to her hands."

"I didn`t know anything about it," Reynolds said, "so, I mean, I let him in."

He said almost immediately Wilkins started acting strange, speaking in tongues.

Wilkins also allegedly told Reynolds "he 'beat down' a guy 'hard' and said he was going to go back and 'clean house' and rob these people because he was tired of having nothing."

"I don`t know exactly what it was," Reynolds said. "He didn`t specify."

Reynolds said he was alarmed and strapped a large knife to his leg for protection just in case.

"Just how worried and nervous he seemed, like, he seemed nervous," Reynolds said. It wasn't long before he learned something terrible had happened.

"It all clicked in once the cops started kicking in the door," Reynolds said. "I was like, oh man, he did something bad."

Court documents show that when police arrested Wilkins, he denied knowing Gentry, being in her house, and killing her. But others told News 4 that the two had been seen around together.

Wilkins was arrested on a $1 million bond.

"Now I`m kind of freaking out like, that could have been us, it could have been my girlfriend, it could have been anybody," Reynolds said.

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