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Driver’s license system crashes for a second time

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The system the Department of Public Safety uses to issue driver's licenses is back up and running after crashing for the second time in the past week and a half.

"We are not going to sit back, I'm not going to sit back and continue to accept the shortcomings from the vendor," said DPS Commissioner Rusty Rhoades.

Twice in the past week and a half, Oklahomans have been experiencing a hold up when they go to get a driver's license.

"We understand that people are frustrated," said Jeff Hankins, the director of Driver License Service.

"That is in no way, shape or form a Department of Public Safety issue. That is strictly a vendor issue that has shut us down, and I'm holding them absolutely accountable," Rhoades said.

Last week, officials with DPS said the system went down during late night storms. At the same time, the vendor in Boston was updating their servers when everything froze and they had to rebuild the servers.

Then, Tuesday of this week, they had another system malfunction. This time, it happened while they were trying to move everything from a secondary server back to the primary server.

The issue was fixed within a few hours.

"Historically, it's been a positive relationship. But, I will be calling the highest level of their leadership later on today and have this discussion," Rhoades said.

Rhoades said they may be rethinking their choice in vendor in the future.

"It is a reoccurring contract. That's why I've been visiting with my general counsel and will continue to visit with our staff and OMES staff. Again, I'm not going to tolerate this," Rhoades said.

DPS is also dealing with an employee shortage, which they're quickly working to fix.

"We're supposed to have 112 examiners. We're down to 72 in the field right now. We have 11 that are in our academy and, hopefully, this week, they'll be finishing up and going out to help those field offices," Hankins said.

DPS is also working on a new computer system and app that will allow Oklahomans to check DPS office wait times online and leave the office until it is their turn, opposed to waiting there for several hours.

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