Northeast Oklahoma City residents say mountain lion roaming area

OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents of a northeast Oklahoma City neighborhood said they have seen a large, unidentified cat in their area.

“I was driving down my parents' street; it's in a wooded area by a creek and, suddenly, a big animal flashed across the street. It was probably about the size of a large dog, not the size of a cat at all but had a very catlike body and a long tail,” said Sarah Dawson.

Dawson is not alone. Other residents have seen a large feline.

“I saw a huge cat, about the size of a jaguar. I knew it wasn’t domestic because the tail was huge and long,” said Nancy Tucker.

Tucker said the cat went into her yard and started drinking from the sprinkler.

A picture was taken of the alleged wild cat, and it was sent to officials by a resident. That person told News 4:

“The Department of Wildlife just got back to me, and the guy thinks it’s not a mountain lion but a giant feral cat. He said feral cats can get to 35 lbs and an adult mountain lion would weigh 100 lbs +.”

Eyewitnesses disagree with state officials.

“The ears were pointed like a cat's, and the tail was very long, maybe a little bit bigger than that but similar to that," Dawson said. "I have a masters degree; I consider myself an educated person. I definitely thought it was a mountain lion at the time I saw it."