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Stillwater woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs during movie

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STILLWATER, Okla. - A Stillwater woman is living a real life horror after a trip to the theatre.

She claims she was bitten by bed bugs.

Now, the Payne County Health Department is investigating.

Leeann Dotter says she and her boyfriend went to the AMC CLASSIC Stillwater 10 theatre on July 20 to see the movie, Dark Web, but she says she left with bites all over her back.

"After I got home, they continued to itch, but then I woke up and the welts started,” said Dotter.

She took pictures of her back the next morning.

She says she went back to the theatre, showed the manager the pictures and got two free movies passes.

"I don't feel like that's enough considering the bites ended up lasting over a week and itching, like extreme itching, but I felt like she could have done more,” said Dotter.

She says the theatre needs to be cleaned so no one else will experience this pain.

"I don't understand why they can't get it fixed,” said Dotter. “ I mean, if they have to close down for a week or so to get it extremely sprayed by pest control, then I think that's necessary because people don't need to take this home to their own house."

But, she's not the only one with a complaint. There are comments on Dotter's picture of her back on Facebook. One person says, "This isn't the first time. They've been having bed bug problems years back and seems like they never fixed the problem."

AMC says there is no evidence of bed begs.

They sent News 4 a statement saying:

“A thorough inspection from a third-party pest control company that specializes in this area revealed zero evidence of bed bug activity. Bed bugs are an often misunderstood issue, found throughout the country in many areas of day-to-day activity, including transportation, retail, restaurants and hotels. AMC is aggressive and vigilant about monitoring and treatment for this issue, and we employ third-party pest control experts to conduct a thorough inspection when we receive a guest report, which is what the theatre team did in response to this specific report.  We’ve received zero guest reports about this issue at this location since the guest report in July, nor have we ever had a prior report of bed bugs at AMC CLASSIC Stillwater 10.”

The Payne County Health Department tells us after an hour and a half inspection, they have not found any evidence of bed bugs.

Dotter says she and her boyfriend will miss their routine movie nights.

“There's not really much to do in Stillwater other than go to the movies or go bowling, so I would like for them to fix the problem so that people can go and enjoy the movie and have a good time and not worry about coming home with bites on us,” said Dotter.

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