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Mail carrier honored for rescuing dumped dogs along her rural mail route

WAYNE, Okla. - Most mail carriers may run away from barking dogs - but one woman in Wayne runs toward them.

It all started two years ago with a puppy dumped out on country roads.

Tammey Little scooped him up, took him home, named him Ben, and then realized that she had a new calling.

Tammey decided to turn her horse barn into a dog rescue called Goin' to the Dogs, and says she has since adopted out about 300 dogs that she has either found on her route, or that she has rescued from euthanasia at shelters.

She spends all of her own money feeding them, and also has the dogs spayed or neutered.

All she asks in return is a $75 adoption fee to help offset the cost of the dog's surgery.

Her generosity is the reason Peggy Underwood nominated Tammey for a Pay It 4Ward award from First Fidelity Bank.

"She's one in a million," Peggy said.  "She spends her own money on all these dogs and she's got the biggest heart I've ever seen to try to save these animals."

"Thank you so much!" Tammey said.  "It's in my blood now and I love it, I love dogs, and I feel like it's my calling."

Tammey keeps the dogs that are not adoptable for health or aggression reasons as her own pets.

"I've got a lot of sweethearts here," Tammey said. "I try to give them love they have never had."

The dogs have large pens and get lots of exercise time in a large field every day.

Tammey is a mail carrier who doesn't just deliver mail, but the gift of a forever home to the animals she rescues.

"I feel like I'm doing God's work."

If you would like to adopt from Goin' to the Dogs, click this link to visit Tammey's Facebook page.

First Fidelity Bank is a sponsor of Pay It 4Ward.

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