Thousands of lightning strikes recorded near OU campus

NORMAN, Okla. – Strong storms caused a restless night for many Oklahoma residents across the state, and now we’re getting a better picture of how strong those storms were.

When the storms moved through the Piedmont area, officials tell News 4 that at least 10 power lines were damaged.

The National Weather Service said there were reports of several stalled cars and water rescues in the Oklahoma City metro. Shortly before 7 a.m., fire crews were called to rescue a stranded driver near S.W. 25th and May due to a flooded roadway.

Water rescue near SW 25th and May

Once the storms moved through the area, the University of Oklahoma took a look at how many lightning strikes occurred in the area around campus.

According to OU Emergency Prep, an 8-mile lightning safety radius around the center of campus recorded more than 11, 000 lightning strikes between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning.