Moore family finds furniture in storage covered in mold

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MOORE, Okla. - A family in Moore says they came home to find all of their belongings covered in mold.

Those items were placed in what they thought was a climate-controlled storage unit.

“It`s very disheartening,” said Jenny Grider. “We`re going to be paying thousands of dollars to get them cleaned, if not, having to trash them.”

Jenny and Casey Grider were shocked when they found their furniture covered in mold in their climate-controlled storage unit.

“'To us, climate control meant good temperature, no humidity,” said Jenny. “We put in everything clean. Our house was clean. There was no mildew. There was no mold.”

Casey was deployed the past 14 months, leaving Jenny and their kids in Chicago.

Before they left, they packed up their home, putting nearly everything they own in storage.

“That`s our whole life in there,” said Jenny.

Now, they`re stuck with a mess.

The Griders went back to read all of the fine print in their contract.

“I went and talked to the man at the front office and he said that was unfortunate, but that`s nothing they can do about it,” said Casey.

News 4 checked and the contract says the storage facility is not liable for any damage caused unless the renter is able to prove the storage unit's fault.

He said people bring moldy things into units and so sometimes that can spread to other units and they`re not liable for that and our contract says the same thing,” said Casey.

However in this case, the Griders can't prove anything. Had they taken a picture of their belongings beforehand, it might have made a difference.

For now, they're learning a hard lesson to always check the fine print.

“We`re fine and everything is going to be fine,” said Casey. “The only thing we really hope to get out of this is just for our friends and family, a lot of whom are in the area, military as well, just know about it so they don`t get caught in the same situation.”

News 4 reached out to the Public Storage media office in California for a statement and it was sent straight to a voicemail, so we left a message.

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