Shawnee Public Schools rolling out new app allowing parents to track their child’s school bus 

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SHAWNEE Okla. - With the push of a button, parents now have an app that can track when their child gets on and off their school bus in real time.

Shawnee Public Schools is rolling out the new technology.

“We're installing, basically, it's a GPS unit on each school bus, which will track live, the location of that particular school bus back to our central office,” said John Wiles, director of transportation.

All 16 of the school buses will have a high-tech GPS to help keep an eye on its 1,600 students who use the bus. It will provide real time on where the bus is going.

Wiles said it would especially help during times of inclement weather and bus accidents.

“We're now going to be able to offer an app to our parents and students that they, too, would be able to see where their particular bus is at in relation to their bus stop,” Wiles said.

Not only that, but Wiles said the district would be able to monitor the drivers. He'll be able to track their speed while giving parents a peace of mind.

“Our parents will be able to look at the app and know when the bus is arriving at the bus stop, when it's arriving at school, when it's leaving school and when it's arriving back at the bus stop,” said Wiles.

Superintendent April Grace said it was an automatic yes when Wiles brought her the idea.

“This was, for us, an additional cost obviously, but it was an additional cost in the end you really can't trade that off,” Grace said.

Besides tracking buses, Grace says in the near future they will be able track individual students.

“Students would actually be able to scan with an ID or some kind of system that we can come up with where the parent actually knows what got on the bus, they know they got off the bus,” said Grace.

The district will install the technology this week. The app will be available for parents to download by Fall break.

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