Deputies searching for woman who might have information about violent assault

CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – Officials in Cleveland County are searching for a woman who may have information about an assault that left one man unconscious.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help finding Amanda Johnson.

"She did get him to the hospital and she did take good action," Cleveland County Sheriff Todd Gibson said.

Gibson said Johnson does have some outstanding misdemeanor warrants, but that's not why they're trying to find her.

"On August 7th, earlier this week, a female, that we've identified as Amanda Johnson, dropped the male subject, the male victim off at the hospital. Got him into a wheelchair and pushed him into the hospital saying he had been assaulted," Gibson said.

Gibson said Johnson told staff members at Norman Regional Hospital that she was going to move her car and be right back in. However, she never returned.

"We have very limited information on what exactly happened," Gibson said.

The victim is unconscious and unable to speak with authorities.

"We know we have a victim that's in ICU and has significant injuries, is fighting for his life and we know she potentially has some knowledge of what happened to him," Gibson said.

Gibson said the victim received significant blunt force trauma to the head.

Right now, authorities aren't sure if Johnson was involved in the assault or if she too is in danger.

They're hoping they can track her down and get some answers.

"We just want her to know there's no reason to be nervous. There`s no reason to be scared. We just need to talk with her and figure out what`s going on," Gibson said.

If you know where Johnson might be or have any information that could help authorities locate her, call the CCSO at (405) 701-8916, (405) 701-8888 or call the tip line at (405)701-8890.