Teens accused of bludgeoning mother to death because they ‘disliked her parenting’

PAHRUMP, Nev.– Dawn Liebig’s Facebook shows mostly photos of her four sons and a few of her cats. Her profile even states: “I’m a mom that hopes she did okay.”

It continues, “I live for them.”

Now two of those sons are accused of brutally murdering her, according to KVVU.

Police say 17-year-old Dakota Saldivar and 17-year-old Michael Wilson beat their mother with a hammer and stabbed her. Then they put her body in a car.

Lieberg adopted Wilson when he was 12 years old, according to police.

Dakota Saldivar’s lawyer says he just got this case so he doesn’t have a lot of information, but police records provide the horrifying details. In the arrest report, it says the two boys waited until their mom was asleep before they began attacking her.

Saldivar told police at one point their mom screamed out for her son’s to help her because she didn’t realize it was them.

Saldivar’s lawyer says he doesn’t think his client, or Wilson, will accept a plea deal and says at this point it looks like they’ll go to trial.

After the court appearance, FOX5 went back to where Dawn Liebig lived, and crime scene tape was still up in the area. One neighbor said the two teens came to her and said they were hungry, so she fed them. When they asked where their mom was, they said she was missing.

Dawn Liebig’s mom said she was in shock that not only is her daughter gone, but that her grandsons are responsible. Her home also faces an open desert area. She says that’s where her daughter was buried. She added that it was basically in her front yard.

Police say the teens told them they were tired of her parenting, so they decided to act. They also said their mom struggled for 30 minutes before she finally died.

Saldivar and Wilson are scheduled to be back in court August 30.