Teens who allegedly planned mass shooting in Pawnee post bond, released

PAWNEE, Okla. - Two teens who were arrested after allegedly planning a mass shooting have been released after they posted bond.

The teens, both sophomores at Pawnee High School, were arrested Tuesday after they were linked to a reported threat.

The Pawnee County Sheriff's Office learned the teens were planning a serious and credible mass shooting.

A tip was given to Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers which helped investigators tracked down those responsible.

A person who lives outside of the country overheard the teens plotting through an online video game.

Pawnee Superintendent, Ned Williams told News 4 via email, "We have dealt with a threat toward the school, identified through social media. Law enforcement was immediately notified. The responsible persons for the threat are now under the jurisdiction of law enforcement."

According to the Stillwater News Press, Pawnee Police Chief Wesley Clymer says both teens posted bond and have been released.