Abuse, neglect investigation underway after longhorn left fighting for her life in Luther

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LUTHER, Okla. - A young longhorn is fighting for her life, as an alleged case of abuse and neglect is investigated.

Wendy, a 7-month-old longhorn calf, has been in the care of Jennie Hays for about two weeks at 'Oliver & Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary' in Luther. She has a loving home now, but things haven't always been so good for her.

The young longhorn was initially found online and in bad shape.

"Somebody had seen an ad on one of the Craigslist, Facebook-type groups," Hays said. "Her previous owner was selling her injured."

Due to an ongoing investigation in Rogers County, Hays said she can't say much about what happened to Wendy. However, she has multiple injuries, including a fused elbow and a growth plate infection.

"You can see how the fetlock joint goes to the side," she said. "Her hoof isn't positioned correctly in front of her, and the joint is swollen."

Hays acknowledges many people would put down an animal with injuries like Wendy's, but she said Wendy doesn't want to give up.

"She's curious, she's playful, she's happy," Hays said. "If they have fight, we've got fight and we'll fight until she tells us she doesn't want to."

Wendy has already spent nearly one week at the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital. It's where she'll return for a life-saving surgery that costs about $7,000.

So far, they've received a $3,000 grant from a group called 'Esther Shares.' They've also received more than $1,400 in donations.

"So, we're more than halfway there," she said.

Hays said she's thankful for the help but wishes Wendy's previous owner would have never put her in the position in the first place.

"Shame on you, just shame on you. We don't feel like you have to be a vegan or run an animal rescue to realize that animals  they feel pain and they deserve kindness and compassion," she said.

Wendy's horns will have to be removed so she won't have to carry any extra weight.

If you'd like to help, visit Oliver & Friends' Facebook page.

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