Thieves break into multiple cars in Yukon, drive off in Jeep

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YUKON, Okla. - The garage was broken into and a car was stolen off their drive - that's what a Yukon couple woke up to in the morning.

"He went to get in his car and realized mine wasn't sitting in the driveway anymore," said Heather Grauberger.

Grauberger said her husband realized at 5:45 Monday morning that her black Jeep had been stolen right off their front drive.

Talking with neighbors, she learned as many as six other cars had been broken into in her Yukon neighborhood overnight. She went back to her doorbell camera to check for video of the crooks.

"We saw somebody pulling out of our driveway with our car at about 1:45 in the morning," she said.

Grauberger's neighbors also have pictures and video of the thieves breaking into a white GMC truck.

The real anger started for Grauberger when she used the vehicle locator on their Jeep. She found it about a mile away in a vacant lot.

"We found my car had been buried in the mud up to the fenders. The inside of my car was destroyed, it was covered in mud, things were ripped apart and open," she said.

With the stolen car, the tools Grauberger's husband uses for work - worth close to $25,000 - were taken.

"There were specialty tools that he uses as a land surveyor, and a lot of that equipment is very, very expensive," she said.

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