Oklahoma superintendent punished after allegedly texting while driving school bus

FORT TOWSON, Okla. – An Oklahoma school superintendent will no longer be allowed to drive school buses following a decision by the school board.

On Tuesday night, the Fort Towson Public School Board held a meeting to discuss punishment for Superintendent Charles Caughern.

The school board took notice after learning about allegations of unsafe driving practices in a school bus.

According to KXII, students say the superintendent was texting and talking on the phone while driving a school bus to a softball game. One parent even said that she saw the bus swerving.

“It was a very scary experience. I don’t like when people text and drive. It was just really scary. I was really nervous,” said Keily Abney.

“My nephew, Nicholas Dees, lost his life to someone that was texting and driving in less than three seconds. So I was very saddened by all this,” said Gina Self, whose granddaughter was on the bus.

The board says that Caughern violated school policy and state law, so they unanimously voted to take away his bus driving privileges.