Blanchard man paying it 4ward – the cowboy way 

BLANCHARD, Okla. - Joe Bailey Lewis of Blanchard is an Oklahoma cowboy who is short on talk and long on action; and his action is sharing with his community.

Jordyn Jones and her son, Stetson, found that out first-hand while at a Blanchard restaurant.

“He was so kind,” says Jordyn. “He was interacting with my son. Giggling, laughing."

Joe Bailey asked for Jordyn's son's name.

When he found out the boy's name, Joe said, "Hey, that's what I’m wearing, I’m wearing a Stetson hat!"

Joe Bailey then took off his Stetson and put it on Stetson.

"And you know the old saying, you don't take a man’s hat, so for him to give it to my son, we knew it was something special," said Jordyn.

Joe Bailey is also known for handing out quarters to kids to start their piggy banks. He's been doing it for years and is still doing it.

“He’s amazing!” says young Deke Kuykendall. “He's been giving me quarters since I was 4. Every time when I saw him.”

News 4 surprised Joe Bailey at the same restaurant where Jordyn met him.

When Jordyn gave him the $400 award from First Fidelity Bank’s Nyky Wilson, Jordyn tearfully told Joe Bailey, “On behalf of the whole town of Blanchard, everyone. You're a great guy. This is for you. And I hope you just keep on blessing kids. You just keep doing what you've been doing. You're an icon in Blanchard. Thank you."

So, what did Joe Bailey do with the $400? He immediately paid it forward to Stetson.

"Let’s put it in his account,” Joe Bailey said. “It’s all about the kids.”

Joe Bailey Lewis - A cowboy who shoots straight with you and knows the meaning of paying it forward.

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank. 

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