Tuesday’s storms leave roads damaged, drivers stranded

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NORMAN, Okla. - Tuesday's rain caused some major flooding across the metro stranding drivers and even forced others to find an another route home.

"I guess it was too much rain for me to see out of my windshield," said Amy Sanchez.

The rain dumped inches of water along major road ways leaving drivers like Sanchez standing in waist-deep water.

"A little bit towards my legs and a little bit towards my ankles and once I got out it, got all the way towards my thighs," Sanchez went on to say when she tried to move her car.

"My car immediately turned off and couldn't do anything else," she said.

However, flooded waters can wreck havoc on a vehicle.

"The engine can suck the water into the engine and completely destroy the engine," said Johnnie Young withYoung Motor Company.

Young said repairs can run well over a few thousand dollars.

"You can have engines that cost anywhere from maybe $10, $12-thousand to $30-thousand dollars," Young said.

Just down a rainy I-35 in Norman, drivers were hit with something else.

"I knew it was dangerous but I never had expected this to happen soon," said Aimee Davis.

There was a hole in the road caused by the heavy rain.

"I was blown away, I was honestly just blown away," said Davis.

Davis said it looked like a bomb went off along west Main Street and Willoway drive.

"It seems maybe an earthquake just kind of shattered it and it's just crumbled all around," Davis said.

Norman public works director, Shawn O'Leary, said it's the worst bridge in Norman.

O'Leary said with the bridge being 50 years old combined with the rain, he said it was any given time before it would collapse.

Folks are concerned it will be an inconvenience.

"This is a really busy road and schools about to starttomorrow," said Davis.

O'Leary said he should know by Thursday more specifics on when the road will open again.

Construction crews were already scheduled this week to make repairs on the bridge.

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