“It felt like my skin was on fire,” Oklahoma officer recovering after being dragged 55 feet

ALTUS, Okla. – It was a terrifying moment for an Oklahoma police officer, and it was captured on his body worn camera.

Matthew Worst, with the Altus Police Department, says he pulled over a red Mustang last Friday after it was clocked going 41 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone.

“He turned over into a little gravel parking lot at the intersection of Ridgecrest and Main. I thought that was nice of him, got me off the road. I told him why I pulled him over. He wanted to argue a little bit, not too bad,” Worst told KSWO.

While filling out a citation for speeding, Worst learned that the driver had a suspended license.

“All I had on him was minor traffic offenses, really. It was, ‘You’re going to go with me to the county jail and we’re going to book you in on a couple of minor charges. If you can bail yourself out, you bail yourself out.’ It’s not a big deal, it happens almost every day for us,” Worst said.

However, Worst says the driver began arguing with him again.

“He started second guessing, started questioning me again. As he’s doing that, he takes his keys, sticks them in the ignition and starts rolling up his window. That was my indicator it’s time for him to come out of this car by force. I shoved the window back down and I tried to open the door, but it was locked so I reached in and unlocked the door and opened it up from the inside. I went to grab the keys and that’s when he had the vehicle started, put it in drive and pulled off with me,” Worst says.

Worst was dragged for about 55 feet.

“The only thing going through my mind at that point was that back tires right there. This is a Mustang, it’s low to the ground. If I get stuck under that tire, I’m getting pulled under the car. I held onto the steering wheel as tight as I could until I felt my body pull out away from the vehicle. Once I felt that, I knew I was safe to let go,” Worst said.

Worst was taken to the hospital for injuries to his arms, legs and ribs.

“It felt like my skin was on fire, really. I just had gravel take the top few layers of skin off my knees and my arms,” he said.

The driver, 22-year-old Devin Johnson, was ultimately arrested on charges of evading arrest and assault with a dangerous weapon.