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New school year brings fresh start, ideas for students 

OKLAHOMA CITY - The new school year is off and running, and schools across the state are encouraging students to think outside the box.

News 4's segment "What's Right With Our Schools" features stories that showcase anything positive happening in schools across the state.

Last year, we traveled to Clinton High School where industrious students used their STEM skills to build a large replica, standing at 9 feet tall, of a working trebuchet - a type of catapult.

We also stopped by Piedmont where elementary school students are learning American Sign Language. It not only helps them communicate with the deaf, but also people like veterans who have suffered hearing loss. We learned that ASL is the third most commonly used language behind English and Spanish.

And we can't forget the inquisitive high school students who are part of the Girl Tech program at Metro Technology, inspiring young women to seek careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

OERB has partnered with KFOR for this spotlight series of 'What's Right With Our Schools' and presented a check of $600 to the school. If you have an idea of a program to highlight, click here and send us a short note.