Oklahoma School for the Deaf shuts down campus after receiving threatening phone call

SULPHUR, Okla. – The Oklahoma School for the Deaf shut down its campus Thursday due to a threat.

The school received a threatening phone call at 12:22 p.m. threatening “grave danger” to anyone associated with a school employee unless that person is fired within 48 hours.

The FBI was immediately contacted by the school.

OSD is not currently in session, according to officials.

Enrollment, which was previously scheduled for Saturday, August 18, has been postponed until further notice.

School officials believe that the threatening phone call is connected with a series of social media posts, phone calls and emails. The communications alleged that “a family member of the employee has made a negative social media statement about a transgender student attending Achilles Independent Schools.

“The Oklahoma School for the Deaf and its parent agency Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services do not tolerate discrimination and take appropriate action based on evidence. OSD is fully committed to providing a safe and effective educational program and environment for all the students in their care,” school officials say.