Charges filed against men who made threatening phone call to Norman middle school

NORMAN, Okla. – Two Oklahoma men have been charged this afternoon after making a threatening phone call to a Norman middle school.

Ryan Tripp, 21, was charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism for leaving a voicemail at Alcott Middle School saying he would “kill every one of you.”

Michael Mahseet, 28, was also charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism. Mahseet claims the call was part of a truth or dare game.

Tripp states he was too intoxicated to remember if he called the school or not.

Norman police announced Thursday afternoon they received a report of the threats to Alcott Middle School on Wednesday during normal business hours.

Officers identified the two suspects, Ryan Tripp and Michael Mahseet, and took them into custody Wednesday night.

Investigators say they have located no evidence that leads them to believe that Tripp and Mahseet “had the means to carry out the threats.”