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“Credit Secrets” book comes with celebrity endorsement and offer of “insider” tips

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kerri Wright was desperate to clean up her credit report and score.

“The quicker the better,” she said. “Maybe this book is for me.”

It's called Credit Secrets and claims to have insider information that “anyone can use to break free from bad credit and skyrocket their credit scores.”

Kerri bought one.

She told In Your Corner Scott Hines “the fact Larry King was endorsing the book” drew her in.

The website includes an infomercial of trusted newsman, Larry King, sitting in what looks like the interview chair from his old CNN set. 

Consumer advocate, and Marketing Vice President of Retirement Investment Advisors, Jennifer Wallis, said, “We see [Larry King] and think oh we should trust this, but we have to remember he's being paid to tell us about this product.”

She says there isn't a magic pill you can take to clean up your credit, like some might suggest.

“The only thing that is going to do that is paying your bills on time and just giving it time, because creditors look at the most current information on your credit report,” she said.

Kerri also signed up for a recurring Smart Money Club membership to get more insider tips and tricks, but then changed her mind.

We traced the book, which advertised the membership program, to a company out of Las Vegas, Info Up LLC.

We got a Credit Secrets customer rep on the phone and asked him what information is in the book that someone can’t find for free online and do themselves.

He said, “You probably could find it all right online, but it's all in one place and we actually have the letters all formatted and everything for our customers.”

Jennifer recommends downloading a free copy of your credit report and disputing any incorrect information.

You can only dispute errors on your report.

We did finally get a hold of a Credit Secrets spokesperson by email.

She told the In Your Corner team, "We have thousands of customer testimonials where they have built their financial lives back up thanks to our help and methods."

  • The company also offers a money back guarantee and has agreed to refund Kerri in full.
  • Remember, there are experts you can trust to guide you through this credit repairing process for free, like your financial institution or advisor, or credit counselor. 
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