Crickets are plaguing the people of Texoma

SHERMAN, TX – Oklahoma and Texas are no strangers to crickets, but Texoma is experiencing more crickets than usual, according to KTEN.

“My restrooms are filled with crickets; my whole front of my store is filled with crickets,” said Amber Sohbatian told KTEN. “Before I open I have to sweep them, vacuum them… do whatever I can to get them up.”

The sight and sound of piles of crickets aren’t the only thing bothering the people of Texoma.

“The worst thing is the smell… that’s the thing I can’t take is the smell is really bad,” Sohbatian said, according to KTEN.

The weather in Texoma is contributing to this bug problem.

“It really is more of a longer-term, weather history pattern that doesn’t kill the juveniles, so the adult populations build up,” explained Austin College biology professor Steven Goldsmith to KTEN. “This is an unusually large infestation this year … it’s a cricket plague of biblical proportions.”

Crickets thrive after heavy rainfall, so you usually see them in late summer, early fall, but like all bugs, their population dwindles when the nights get colder.

“[I’m] definitely ready for the crickets to be gone,” Amber Sohbatian told KTEN. “Definitely ready for the weather to be cooler.”