Narcotics stolen from Oklahoma nursing home for the second time 

SULPHUR, Okla. – Police are investigating a break-in at a nursing home in Sulphur where thousands of dollars of narcotics were stolen.

Sulphur Police Chief David Shores told KXII this is the second time in three weeks the Artesian nursing home has been hit.

202 doses of Norco, seven patches of Fentanyl, 96 doses of Oxycontin, 90 doses of morphine and 104 doses of Xanax were stolen Tuesday morning.

“They gained entry through a small window, taking the window pane out and then unlocking it,” Chief Shores said.

At the time, three employees were working, but did not hear anything or see anything. During both break-ins, police say the drugs were locked up.

“If you don’t work there, you don’t know where the key is, so it’s previous employee or present,” Shores said.

Shore told KXII he will ask the attorney general to investigate due to the amount and type of narcotics stolen.

“We have found one or two dead with [a] Fentanyl patch in their mouth,” Shores said. “It’ll kill them within minutes so they’re very dangerous.”

If anyone has information, call police.