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Norman man concerned over speeding drivers near bus stop 

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NORMAN, Okla. - Now that school is back in session, a Norman man is worried about the safety of his young nieces and other children who live along his busy road.

"You got cars coming over these hills, doing 70 miles per hour," Brian Baird told News 4.

Baird, who lives on 60th Avenue NE near Tecumseh Road, said there is a bus stop right at the top of the hill outside his home. That's where his nieces get on and off the bus every day during the school year.

"The 11-year-old, she gets off on the right side. But, the 7-year-old, that's 3-foot tall, she gets dropped off on the other side of the road," Baird said.

Around the area, there are signs warning drivers about bikers and one that tracks your speed.

"Limited sight distance, frequent school bus stops," Baird said, referencing signs that used to be outside his home until recent years.

People who live a few streets over from Baird are taking matters into their own hands by posting signs in their yards that say "Drive Like Your Children Live Here."

"People come across the hill, and they pass the bus," Baird said.

He's called the city to see what can be done. However, he also wants to remind drivers to slow down.

"I'm worried about my kids, not just my kids but other kids out here in the rural area," Baird said.

We called the city of Norman Public Works Department about the issue. Officials said they no longer use the signs Baird is referring to, saying any bus stop or school zone signs are placed following recommendations from Norman Public Schools.

At this point, they said there are no recommendations for the area.

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