Planners vote to postpone decision on Coffee Creek redevelopment

EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond residents speaking their mind Tuesday night as developers present for the first time their comprehensive plan for the redevelopment of the golf course within the Coffee Creek addition at an Edmond City Planning Commission meeting.

Residents worried about increased traffic in the area and decreased property values.

“Stop the development of the fairways,” said Coffee Creek resident, Erma Costner.

Attorneys for Double Eagle Development point out to other metro golf courses, like Traditions in Edmond and Westbury in Yukon, have recently be redeveloped at housing editions.

“Golf courses around the country are be closed and redeveloped,” said Randel Shadid, attorney for the developers.

Designers point out there are two areas that are marked for mixed use: retail and office space, but they say no big box retailers, no drive thru restaurants, and no gas stations will be allowed in those areas.

Under the new plan there will be a medium density area of townhomes duplexes and quadplexs, but no full scale apartment complex.

Developers say they have saved 88 percent of the existing trees in area.

Designers say they have held workshops and meeting to work with residents.

But residents say drainage is huge concern.

The area has a history of flooding and they say the developers have not accounted for this.

Residents also say that not just zoning laws should be considered, but city officials need to remember this was meant to be a golf course and the green area is far more important than the proposed plan.

“I don’t think this is good for the Coffee Creek community,” said Clay Booth, Coffee Creek resident.

The planning commission voted unanimously to revisit this proposal at their next meeting September 18th.