A teacher who struggled in school lets her students know they’re not alone

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"Different people need to learn the same thing but in different ways."

Mrs. Misty Henry knows from personal experience.

She herself struggled in school.

"I stutter, and I'm dyslexic...and now to have a teacher believe in me as an adult is very healing and very powerful," she told us.

Mrs. Misty Henry was nominated by one of her former college professors, but to really understand why, step inside her classroom.

You hear the music, and look at the walls. It's sure cozy in there.

An environment she's created, but with much more than what meets the ear and eye.

"She's a very hands on teacher," said Susan Carlson, principal for Putnam Heights.

"I think everybody needs people who pour life and love into them and encouragement," Mrs. Henry told us.

Special teachers did that for Mrs. Henry as a student, and now she's doing it for her students.

You can't put a price on that, but boy is everybody grateful for today's surprise.

And there's nothing like a gym full of elementary kids who are fired up.

The secret word is waterfalls, the principal says, and that's their cue to quiet down. She's got a secret word; we've got a secret check.

The entire gymnasium cheers, excited for all the possibilities $5,000 brings.

Mrs. Henry says this check couldn't have come at a better time.

"I have student loans that are due right now, and this is really going to help pay that off."

During the next two weeks, KFOR and Air Comfort Solutions will honor seven other teachers with a $5,000 check.

'Thankful 4 Teachers' is sponsored by Air Comfort Solutions. 

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