Houchin Elementary warns of suspicious man in van

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MOORE, Okla. - Parents and children at Houchin Elementary in Moore are on high alert after reports of a man trying to lure kids into a van.

The students said they were walking in a neighborhood near 89th and Santa Fe in Oklahoma City when the man in the van approached them - asking if they needed a ride.

Now, parents said they're taking extra precautions.

"That's actually the reason I drive him to school - stuff like that," said Joziah Harris.

Harris said his 5-year-old son took home the same note given to all children, warning parents of the students' encounter.

"Frustrating as a parent just to have a note on the second week of school," he said.

Houchin Elementary's principal detailed the encounter with the man in the white van and described him as a man in his 30s with no facial hair, wearing a baseball cap.

The note goes on to explain no attempt was made to force the children in the van and he drove away when the kids declined the ride he offered.

Jennifer Moreno walks her daughter to preschool at the elementary every day. She said she's never experienced anything like it but is going to constantly reinforce to her children what to do should they encounter a stranger.

"If they offer you any kind of candy, nope," Moreno said. "Walk away. Run to your destination if you have to."

Harris is also continuing to keep a close eye on his child.

"I understand this is Earth. The world we live in now, it's always happening. As a parent, you've just got to be careful," he said.

Moore Public Schools said the safety of their students, staff and patrons is of the utmost importance to them and they'll continue to preserve it.

Because the encounter happened in an Oklahoma City neighborhood, the Oklahoma City Police Department is investigating. Call them at 405-297-1190 if you have any information.

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