Nearly 30 antique rifles stolen

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CHICKASHA, Okla. – Nearly 30 antique rifles were stolen from a home in Chickasha.

The gun owner said he’s an avid gun collector and just wants his rifles back. Michael Dickenson said now he’s worried that his gun could possibly be used in a crime or against him.

“Your whole attitude changes, you don`t really feel safe in your home and they left me no firearm to sleep with,” said Dickenson.

At last count, Dickenson said the thieves allegedly got away with 28 guns, leaving two BB guns behind.
“The door had been left open and that window on the porch was open and the gun box was open,” said Dickenson.

The Vietnam Veteran now lives a quiet life on his ranch he and couldn't believe someone would steal from him. He was in Texas when his friend called saying someone broke into his home between Thursday and early Friday morning.

“All the guns were gone and all the ammunition for them,” he said.

Dickenson said that's not all they supposedly took, “All my marine corps records, all of my FAA flight records and my birth certificate and my honorable discharge.”

He believes the suspects broke in through a window, and then they broke the padlocks on the chest he kept his gun locked in while ransacking his home in the process.
“There were a couple of German Mausers, a 1903 A3 Springfield,” he said and the list goes on.

However, many of the guns dating as far back as World War II.

Dickenson said unfortunately his doesn't have insurance on them.

He did write down every serial number, but he doesn’t believe the crime was random.
“No, no this definitely they targeted the guns,” he said.

Dickenson did file a police report and is offering a cash reward of $1,000 for information that can lead to an arrest.

If you know, any information that can help find his stolen guns call 405-478-6395 or email

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