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Historic Stratford train depot in danger

STRATFORD, Okla. - A man is afraid part of his town's history will be erased.

"We`re going to come down here one day and there`s going to be a bulldozer or a backhoe tearing the thing apart and then it`s destroyed forever," said David Morris. He's worried the town's old train depot will be demolished.

Morris says his family came to the area when it was still Indian Territory and the railroad showed up in 1906.

"My great grandfather built a café that started out with a tent about a hundred yards north of where we are right now," said Morris.

In the 1970's when the train stopped coming to town, the city took over the depot and it was turned into city hall. But the city offices relocated to another building a few years ago.

The depot has since been vacant.

Now, the city is accepting bids to demolish or preserve the building, but either way, the structure would have to be removed from city limits.

"Bids may be rejected by the board of trustees for any reason in the best interest of the town," said Morris as he quoted a bid document.

"My wife and I, and our son, are willing to renovate it and preserve for future generations to see," said Morris, who submitted a bid.

News 4 reached out to the city and a representative told us the building is in disrepair.

The man told us the ceiling is caving in and the building is not handicap accessible.

The city is also waiting on bid packages to be returned and the issue will be discussed next month. The representative also told us there hasn't been any interest in the building in recent years.

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