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“We get tons of trash out of the river,” Trash plagues Oklahoma River

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Floating 'islands' of trash plague the Oklahoma River.

"We get tons of trash out of the river," said Shannon Cox with OKC Public Works.

And she means literal tons - everyday.

"Styrofoam, forks, the normal, like kitchenware," said Cox. "And of course, you’re going to have things like telephone poles that show up in the river and there are occasional times that we find cars.”

News 4 spotted everything from bottles, foam, tree branches and even shoes and clothing.

“Oklahoma wind contributes to us gathering a lot of trash in the river and then you have a rain event that will throw everything into the river as well," said Cox, who noted that crews are on the river daily cleaning up the mess.

Even though there is not much people can do about the wind and the rain, there is one thing that can be changed: the amount of litter being tossed out.

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