Local group raising donations to save Redlands Community College pool

EL RENO, Okla. – An Oklahoma group is hoping to raise enough money to save a local pool.

Redlands Community College officials say after balancing the books, they realized that they would have to close the school’s pool.

“We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars just for the repairs, and, of course, the ongoing maintenance, the cost of lifeguards and in that nature,” Dayna Rowe, communications director with Redlands Community College, told News 4 in May. 

Officials say the pool, which is open to the public, brings in close to $12,000 for the college. However, it costs more than $18,000 to pay lifeguards, and $23,000 in repairs was needed.

“Our primary mission is education. We didn’t feel the swimming pool was a vital expense,” said Rowe.

Although the school couldn’t afford to keep the pool open, the community is coming together to raise the funds on their own.

“We as a committee have come together and we think we can raise the funds to keep it operational,” said Marvin Smith.

Smith is part of a group called “Save Our Pool.” He met with college officials and lawyers to find a way to keep the pool from running dry.

The group is working to raise $100,000 by Aug. 31 in order to cover all the expenses associated with the pool.

Redlands Community College will continue to maintain the pool if the donation goal is met. If not, the donations will be returned back to the donors.