OHP troopers warning motorists about driving too slow, impeding traffic

OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a common problem on roadways across the country, and can cause a lot of frustration for drivers.

Now, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is warning drivers about slow drivers and impeding traffic.

According to a post on the OHP’s Facebook page, many drivers think that as long as they are not speeding, they are not breaking the law. However, they say if your slower speed is impeding traffic, you can still be fined.

In fact, the post states that impeding traffic can “increase the chances of collisions occurring.”

Last year, Oklahoma implemented a left lane law to limit driving in the left lane.

“Basically, in simplest terms is, if you’re not passing a vehicle or overtaking a vehicle and you’re in the left lane, you’re in the wrong lane to drive,” said Trooper Clayton Fredrickson.

The fine is up to $249.