15-year-old arrested for murder of man at Oklahoma City nightclub

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 15-year-old is in jail on a first-degree murder charge after police say he shot and killed an 18-year-old at a northwest Oklahoma City nightclub over the weekend.

The shooting happening at the Next Level Club, which serves the under 21 crowd.

In the affidavit, witnesses said they saw several men fighting and heard one to two gunshots.

“We heard gunshots and we saw a lot of the kids running back to their cars,” said Brittany Jones, who lives nearby.

It was supposed to be a fun weekend for teenagers at a nightclub near N.W. 13th and May, until an altercation turned deadly.

“I see kids going over there and I guess they get into an argument and a fight breaks out,” said Jones.

The report said 15-year-old Shakur Greer pulled a handgun from his pants and shot 18-year-old Traviontie Johnson two times.

“It's unclear what led up to it but it was during this incident the suspect produced a handgun and shot and killed the victim,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

On Friday night, police said Greer and Johnson got into an argument that ended with Johnson being shot to death at the Next Level nightclub.

Police said the alleged 15-year-old shooter ran from the scene with at least three other males.

“When investigators had information regarding the suspect, went to the residence in southeast Oklahoma City where they found him, where he surrendered peacefully,” said Knight.

As for those who live near the club, they say it's nothing but trouble.

“I think they need to honestly shut it down. Whenever they open up, they're usually shutting right back down because either someone's fighting, or someone's shot in the air or shot at someone,” said Jones. She went on to say it was just a matter of time before someone was going to end up hurt or, in this case, dead.

“Every weekend that it`s open there are gunshots or a fight. And, there are always people running back to their cars,” Jones said.

Greer is facing a first-degree murder charge.