70-year-old woman trapped inside her Bethany home with intruder

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BETHANY, Okla. - A woman who woke up Sunday to discover an armed intruder in her home barricaded herself in her bathroom and called for help.

The 70-year-old woman was awoken at about 5:40 a.m. when she told 911 dispatchers she saw the man.

“Hurry, someone’s just wandering around my house with a flashlight,” she said.

“Where are you at?” asked the dispatcher.

“I’m in the bathroom; the door is closed,” she said.

The dispatcher told her to stay calm and quiet. Meanwhile, in her home, police said it was 18-year-old Cedric Martin who was rifling through her things.

“Oh, this makes me so mad,” the victim said. “I’ve always felt so safe in my house.”

In less than four minutes, Bethany police arrived and surrounded the house. Once inside, Lt. Angelo Orefice said Martin gave himself up from inside an office.

“He had dropped the gun prior to officers coming in so, as soon as he came around the corner, officers confronted him,” Orefice said. “That's when he put his hands up, and they took him into custody.”

Police said they believe he broke into several cars around the neighborhood.

“So, officers were up in that area looking for him because there were reports, and they just kept missing him,” Orefice said.

After he was in custody, Orefice said they found some of the stolen items on his person and a place he had allegedly stashed them.

Neighbor Erik Huffman discovered three cars that were parked at his house were broken into.

“Very frustrating,” Huffman said, “kind of unnerving.”

But, he was really shaken to learn what happened to his neighbor.

“It scared me to death,” Huffman said. “The fact that someone would come into this area and attempt vandalism and/or theft, especially breaking into a home, brings a very big concern to us.”

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