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F.A.I.T.H in Action: This group of dads in Fairview, OK makes a difference with every drop-off and every high-five.

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FAIRVIEW, OKLAHOMA -- School might start at 8:00AM on weekday mornings, but kids at Cornelson Elementary start rolling in as early as 7:30.

Some are a little bleary eyed, a few still shaking off summer cobwebs, but each one is the recipient of a greeting from these guys in the neon yellow shirts.

Three years ago OKP Trooper Gene Goodson got together with then principal Mark VanMeter to see how they might be able to bring a few more positive male role models to the school day.

Goodson continues, "A lot of kids that don't have a male role model at home, and we wanted to fix that."

Associate District Judge Tim Haworth drew up the non-profit papers.

What started as a handful of dads grew quickly as word about what they were doing spread.

One of the FAITH volunteers describes, "Greet the children here. Give them a High 5, and let them know someone is here caring about them."

F.A.I.T.H. stands for Fathers Are In The House and it's true.

Every morning there are at least 2 scheduled, and usually 4 or 5 FAITH members on hand to greet kids, help out with reading, or just provide whatever teachers might need.

A small group of gathered 4th graders says, "They're really nice. I like how they give us high fives and they're out there every single day."

Another student chimes in, "They bought us school supplies and they're really nice."

For the past couple of years, FAITH fundraisers have ensured that every kid from Pre-K through 8th Grade gets a backpack filled with school supplies.

The kids get FAITH's support.

These men say they get back a lot more in return.

Trooper Goodson continues, "There is no better way to start your day than right here with a high-five or a hug from some kid. It's amazing."

All of them start with the kind of nourishment you can't find on a cereal box or even a piece of bacon.

It's the kind that can last a lifetime.

F.A.I.T.H. is a non-profit organization with 40 members this school year.

They've expanded to helping out at the local public library as well.

For more information you can go to their Facebook page here

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