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OHP officer-involved shooting caught on camera

WOODWARD, Okla. - A traffic stop turned into a shootout. Trooper Austin Ellis is recovering after being hit by a bullet.

And, the shootout was caught on camera.

Thankfully, Ellis is doing okay, but the video from what he went through is graphic. A man was caught on camera shooting at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper.

That man, OHP said, is the suspect, 26-year-old Arturo Remirez Jr.

After a chase with the trooper, Remirez tried to run and hide in a house on Western Avenue in Woodward, but he was eventually arrested by the highway patrol's tactical team.

Troopers think Remirez ran away because of his criminal history.

“He had an application to accelerate on a deferred sentence,” said Colonel Mike Harrell. “He had originally had a felony charge for an assault and battery on an EMS personnel, and they received a deferred sentence."

Authorities said, thankfully, Ellis' vest saved his life. He was shot once in the side, but the bullet didn't go all the way through.

"No surgery will be required,” Harrell said. “He is just trying to get better from that and go on forward, trying to get his breathing back in line where it needs to be.”

Harrell said it seems like troopers lives are more in danger now than ever.

“I think it's probably exponentially increased as far as the danger of the last 20 years when I first started working the road,” Harrell said. “I tell everybody almost everyday: these guys are my heroes. They face an unknown danger every time they step outside that car, and I think it becomes more and more prevalent. You never know when you step outside the car. I think our people handle it as well as anybody could be expected to."

There's no word yet on when Ellis will be released from the hospital, but authorities said he is in good condition.

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