Remington Park has contributed $200 million to education fund since opening casino

OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials at a local race track and casino say the facility has already contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the state’s education fund.

On Thursday, Remington Park officials announced that it had contributed $200 million to the state’s education fund since the track’s casino opened in 2005.

After State Question 712 passed in 2004, Remington Park was able to open the casino with electronic games. The measure also mandated that a certain percentage of gaming revenue would go to the state’s education fund and to horse racing purses.

Since then, Remington Park has contributed $200,525,631.32 to education.

“We place a strong emphasis on being good community stewards, and giving back to the communities where we do business,” Skip Seeley, CEO of Global Gaming Solutions, said. “We are pleased to see that a portion of our gaming revenues can support education in our state.”

Officials say Remington Park’s annual education contribution has grown from a little more than $8 million in the casino’s first year to more than $22 million in 2017.

“We partner with numerous local and state charities, and incorporate giving into all of our most-popular events and promotions at the track,” Scott Wells, president and general manager of Remington Park, said. “The education contribution is one more way we can use our success to help our fellow Oklahomans.”