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Women facing several charges after allegedly stealing from metro mall

OKLAHOMA CITY – Three women who allegedly stole from a metro mall have officially been charged.

At the time of the theft, on August 21, police were also in Penn Square Mall investigating a theft ring.

“They were investigating a ring that had apparently caused over $80,000 worth of theft from various retailers here in the metro,” said Megan Morgan with Oklahoma City police. “While they were there, actually the shoplifters, they believe they were part of that ring, happened to come in, had shoplifted several items.”

Chamiah Daniels, Tashay McNack and Kernisha Meadows were busted and arrested in the parking lot.

Bottom left: Shatori McNack; Top middle: Chamiah Daniels; Bottom right: Kernisha Meadows

The trio allegedly stole from multiple stores in Penn Square Mall, and each face one count of grand larceny, conspiracy to commit a felony and engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses.