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New company rolls out 250 scooters to Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There are now two scooter companies in Oklahoma City. The latest one is called Lime, which will have 250 scooters.

Mayor David Holt took one of the first rides on the new Lime electric scooter.

Both billion dollar companies rolled into Oklahoma City the past month.

"Honestly, we heard that Oklahoma City folks were really nice and friendly, and it turns out they are super friendly. They've been super accepting, and the business owners have been excited to have this here. The residents seem to love us being here,” said Rob Greenleaf, New Market Launch for Lime.

Bird dropped more than 40 scooters overnight earlier this month.

Now, both are hoping to grow their fleet. In fact, by Saturday morning, Lime will have 250 scooters around town, and that means money that will go toward the City.

"So, the City is charging $302 for the companies to come in and get a license, and then they also have to pay $30 per scooter per year,” said Kristy Yager, spokesperson for the City of Oklahoma City.

The money will go toward overseeing operations.

"To monitor scooters, to make sure they're being put in the right place and we've got several departments to work on that from transit to public works to development services,” Yager said.

Yager also said they base the price on other similar-sized cities with the scooter share program.

Right now, the cost is only a proposal and not a done deal. A public hearing is scheduled for September 11 at City Hall.

Meanwhile, the City wants to make sure folks are wearing helmets, using bike lanes and stopping at stop lights.

"As long as people use it safely and as long as people, as long as the companies are operating legally, I think it's a good thing for Oklahoma City,” Holt said.

Lime said they will be launching next week in Tulsa.

For the proposed ordinance, click here.

Lime also offers free scooters to those who qualify. For more information on how the scooters work, safety tips and where to find one, click here.

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