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In Your Corner Surprise: Disabled Oklahoman receives new scooter

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STILLWATER, Okla. - Most days, Troy Fuller feels like a prisoner in his own home.

“Cause I can't go nowhere,” he said. “I'm stuck here in a sense, the hills, because I can't get up the hills.”  He was born with a rare genetic disorder.

“It effects speech,” he added. “I can’t really walk any."

He has no income or insurance, and lives off food stamps and housing assistance.   

The only transportation he has is a manual wheelchair a neighbor gifted him a little less than a year ago. 

Troy has no idea what's waiting for him just around the corner.

Ben Hayhurst and Jenn Miller from National Seating and Mobility made a special trip to Stillwater to surprise Troy with his very own motorized scooter.

Jenn Miller said, “We heard he needed it, so we fixed it up for him.”

Ben was excited to help, too.

He added, “We're honored to help Troy today and it's important to us that we support our community.”

Moments later, while we were distracting Troy outside his apartment, Ben and Jenn moved in with his new scooter.

Troy was so surprised.

“I’m seeing it, but it may take a month or two,” he said. “You guys made it where I can actually feel normal again, because I can't get off the property.”

He can now.

Our camera was rolling as Troy took his new wheels for a spin for the first time.

Just like the new scooter, he also wasn’t expecting to receive a new outlook on life.

“This represents freedom,” he said. “If I want to go down and get a couple small things from the store I can.”

He’s doing the best he can to shine his light in the world.

“No matter how bad you have it, somebody's got it worse,” he added. “You got problems, but just know somebody's got a bigger struggle than you and that keeps me humble.”

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