Moore homeowners find alligator on front porch

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MOORE, Okla. - Wesley Jones had just walked out of his home in the 11 hundred block of S.W. 20th in Moore Monday morning when he saw something alarming on his front porch.

“I said what’s this out here?” says Jones as he’s laughing.  “She comes out and it’s an alligator.”

Jones and his wife, Gina, trapped the three-foot long reptile under a laundry basket and called police.

But Gina says the dispatcher didn’t believe her at first.

“Are you sure it’s not a lizard?  Lady, the only thing I’ve seen like this is in a zoo,” said Gina Jones.

“Oh it kind of lunged at me, hissed, had its mouth open, it’s mouth all the way open,” said Wesley Jones.

When police arrived, the entire incident was captured on one of the officer’s body cameras.

“It’s some type of lizard.  You see it?” says one officer to another.

“Yeah.  Oh!  No sh**.  Oh, he’s pissed,” that officer responds.

That officer grabs one of the alligator's legs through the laundry basket and flips it over to grab him as the little gator thrashes about with his mouth wide open.

“Dude!” exclaimed another officer.

All of the officers stared at their capture in disbelief.

“That’s legit right there,” said one of four officers who responded.

And then they all whip out their cameras to document the unusual event.

The Jones finally bring out tape so they can make sure he doesn’t bite anybody.

“Hang onto him and we just don’t want to get it over his nose,” said one officer as they wrapped the tape around the alligator’s mouth.

“We’ve never had a call of an alligator, especially this size.  It was a pretty good size.  I mean two and a half, three foot and the officer said it was very strong,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department.

“You don’t see that very often,” said one officer on the body camera.

Watch raw body camera video

It was definitely not what they were expecting on this Labor Day and something they probably won’t ever see again.

“That’s ah, that’s a once in a career thing right there buddy,” said one of the officers.

The police believe the alligator might have been someone’s pet.

They turned him over to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife who said they would find a good home for him.

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