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New electric scooters causing obstacles for disabled

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OKLAHOMA CITY-The only way Joy Reardon can get around downtown is on her electric wheelchair, but she says sometimes she can't get places because the scooters are in the way.

“Well, I am in a chair,” said Reardon. “It makes it really difficult, especially if you`ve got like planters or trees or benches or trash cans or stuff like that you can`t get around unless you do move them out of the way.”

Reardon says she took a picture over the weekend showing discarded scooters blocking the sidewalk.


She says she's tired of people not parking the scooters they rent properly so people in wheelchairs can get through the sidewalk area.

“How am I supposed to get down the sidewalk without getting out into traffic and a chance to get ran over by a car,” said Reardon.

A few weeks ago, Bird Scooters started showing up around Oklahoma City.

Then a new company, Lime, got in on the action.

The scooters are part of a ride-sharing program.

Users can rent them with the help of a mobile app.

Both Bird and Lime apps show people how they are supposed to park the scooter once their ride is complete.


If it's on the sidewalk, it has to be by a bike rack or close to the curb, not blocking sidewalks or vehicle lanes.

Reardon says people on the scooters have also flown by her on the sidewalks, which is illegal under a city ordinance.

“It`s very upsetting that people are so inconsiderate that they don`t think about other people anymore,” Said Reardon. “It could hurt me, it could hurt people that are running and can`t avoid it.”


“People don`t know what it`s like to be in a chair until once they`ve actually been in one,” said Reardon. “Follow the law.”

City officials say you can get a citation and a fine for not following any of these ordinances.

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