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‘This race is all about our community and our unity,’ OKC Memorial Marathon winners encourage your participation

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OKLAHOMA CITY-The World-class Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is changing course this year, literally.

The new course is designed to begin in the same location but it will end at the Myriad Gardens in 2019 and then move again for 2020.

Now is the time to start training for this big event.

Kristen Radcliff and Nathan Chamer are past winners and share this advice with you.

"I tell everybody at least one point in your life you need to do a marathon. It just brings out a sense of humanity of just everyone’s out there just doing something that’s extremely difficult," said Radcliff.

"This is a world class marathon. This is our run. This is our Oklahoma run. It was a dream come true. It was a goal that I set for myself and I attained it.
I don’t feel complete if I don’t go run. That’s what running means to me," said Chamer.

"I started when I was in fifth grade and so I have been doing it for a while. The nice thing about running is I think everyone can improve in it if you’re willing to put in the time. Don’t give up. It’s a process. Don’t compare each day just do what you need to do each day," is advice Radliff offers.

"You just go and you just have a leap of faith. You believe in the training that you’ve done and you believe in the work that you’ve done," said Chamer.

"Your training will get you to about mile 20. 20 to 26 is just really difficult, it’s kind of like life. I feel like life is pretty easy til about 18 and then about 20-26 it gets a little rocky. Knowing that it’s for a greater cause other than just running a marathon I think makes it so much more meaningful. The marathon does represent that resilience that grit that I think Oklahomans have," said Radcliff.

Oklahoma coming together it’s a beautiful thing. We have to stand together and fight evil. If we all come together, we can rise and overcome evil which is what the Oklahoma City Memorial stands for," said Chamer.

To learn more about the race and how you can be involved, here is a link. 

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