A great experience from both sides of the show ring: the 1st annual Special Needs Livestock Show

CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA -- Before they walked into this Grady County Fairgrounds barn, people like Lizzie Shephard and Mathew Cooper had never really been around farm animals.

"This is a Baldy," says Mathew Cooper excitedly.

Brandon Scrivener had a little advantage.

He's got dogs, goats, and horses at his place near Alex, OK.

"Their names are Bucky and Bonnie," he states.

Then there's Trenton Hoover of Rush Springs, who ended up this morning with a new love for television reporting, and a new friend as well.

Nearly 20 special needs kids from around Chickasha and Grady County gathered to participate in what sponsors called their very first special needs livestock show.

The petting farm was just the beginning.

Organizers like Micaela Danker wanted FFA and 4-H kids to show their rookies the ropes in the ring too.

Among the goals of the show, she says, "Be highlighted. Get your picture taken with a banner and a back drop. That's a really cool experience."

AFR Insurance started planning for this event in the Spring when show season was winding down.

But they might have underestimated the impact from both sides of the ring.

Danker continues, "You can just see the smiles on their faces, and how much they were looking forward to interacting with these animals."

Participants will surely remember the purple ribbons and the nice animals they got to take on a walk.

Volunteers and sponsors will remember the lives they touched just through doing what they always do.

This reporter might tell it better than anyone can.

So, for Trenton Hoover, this is Galen Culver News Four.

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