City of The Village trying to tackle tougher dog regulations

OKLAHOMA CITY - Some residents of The Village say vicious dog attacks are out of control and changes need to be made to stop them.

A woman said she and her small dog were viciously attacked by a pit bull while walking in her neighborhood. She says her dog died from its injuries.

She also says it's the second time a small dog of hers has been attacked. Vet bills for the two dogs were over $6,000.

She put up a poll on Facebook, calling for change to city dog ordinances and even a ban on specific dog breeds in The Village. The response has been huge with residents weighing in on both sides.

“Maybe your next dog you should consider getting a pit bull yourself...they are awesome fun loving and very affectionate dogs...depending how they are raised determines the temperament 98% of the time," said one resident.

"I think what everyone is missing is that a dog got out, was abused and killed her dog and could have killed her. This needs to stop now," said another resident.

"You shouldn’t be afraid to go down your street because there may be a dog on your street," said The Village Mayor Sonny Wilkinson.

City of The Village officials plan on holding a city council meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. to discuss what they can do to make pets and owners more safe.

Wilkinson says tough laws on fencing and leashes could be solutions.

"This isn’t something unique to The Village. I think every city is trying to wrestle with this issue as to what do we do," said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson says dog laws are tough to enforce and that due process has to be served. He says the state won't allow breed specific regulations.

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