“He did everything right,” 12-year-old Oklahoma City boy praised for actions when burglar broke into his home

OKLAHOMA CITY - It was almost like a scene from the movie 'Home Alone.'

When a young metro boy came face-to-face with a burglar, he sprang into action - arming himself and contacting police.

It happened in the mid-morning hours, around 11 a.m, at a neighborhood near Northwest 13th and Meridian. Officers said, even though the victim was young - he did everything right.

"Hats off to this kid," said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

A knock at the door led the young boy to find a stranger on his porch. He knew better than to let him in and ran to the back door.

The suspect, identified as 54-year-old Truyen Le, following him.

The young man refused to fall victim, exercising a sense of calm in a tense situation.

"He armed himself with a knife and then called for police - grabbed a phone, and called police and then waited in the house," Knight said.

But, that's when the danger escalated.

"Once he heard a window break, somebody making entry into the home, he escaped through the front door," Knight said.

The young boy ran to a nearby home, waiting for police.

When officers got there, he was able to give them a good description of the suspect and where he went. So good, in fact, it didn't take them long to find and arrest him.

"Obviously a very frightening thing for someone - particularly someone of that tender age, but the young man acted appropriately," Knight said.

Setting a prime example, in case any other child should encounter a similar situation.

"We always say for kids to 'run, yell, tell' but, in this case, the kid armed himself - just in case he needed to and he did everything right," Knight said.

Police found stolen property when they arrested Le. He faces a charge of first-degree-burglary and already has a suspended conviction for a prior second-degree-burglary case.

Le's on suspension for the next 10 years.