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College student charged with stealing roommate’s money

OKLAHOMA CITY – A University of Central Oklahoma student was charged with stealing money from her roommate’s wallet in August.

Gabriel Evraets says he left his wallet in the dorm room when he went out.

He received an alert of purchase from his banking app and when he returned to his dorm room his wallet was moved, $50 was gone, and his debit card was in the wrong spot.

Evraets told authorities that his roommate, Cherokee Summers, was the only person in the room when he left and when he returned.

When authorities went through Summers’ phone they found purchased movie tickets with Evraets’ debit card used for the purchase.

Summers tried to tell the officers it was her mom’s credit card, but the numbers exactly matched Evraets’ card, down to the expiration and CVC.

Summers has been charged with petit larceny, possession of a stolen credit card, and unlawful use of a credit card.