Police: Elderly Enid widow scammed out of more than $1M

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ENID, Okla. – An 86-year-old widow exploited — thieves allegedly taking nearly $2 million in money and valuables.

“I’m hurt. I’m ashamed,” said Lucy Gravlee. “It amazes me that one human could do that to another human.”

Gravlee said she hired Kim Mullen to help her around the house. But, not long after, Kim and her husband, Norman Mullen, fabricated a series of stories that included a pastor, a pastor’s family and even a prophecy from God.

“They found a book and, in the book, there was this person they called the ambassador and said her name was Lucille,” Gravlee said. “And, said she was 85 years old, and she had piercing eyes and her husband died in 1989.”

Gravlee said the Mullens knew about her spirituality and used it against her. The book described Gravlee down to a T.

“I said ‘Good Lord,’ and Kim says ‘We think that’s you!’” Gravlee said.

The story even went as far as helping a refugee family in the Middle East.

“I said, ‘Oh God, we have to help them,'” Gravlee said as she broke down in tears. “We made arrangements to take them to Romania where they were safe, got them a home, a condo and a nurse to take care of them.”

Gravlee also sent her expensive fur coat and even perfume to help the family. But, police said the whole thing was fake.

“They would use the money to go on trips. They would go to casinos with it,” said Detective Sgt. Nick John with Enid police, who said Gravlee’s family alerted them about suspicious behavior. “The male subject in this case actually owned a football team in Oklahoma City called the Oklahoma Outlaws, and we found records where he's using the money to support that football team.”

Court documents said the couple pawned Gravlee’s Rolex watch, worth nearly $50,000 and even took her wedding ring.

Gravlee was stunned when she said she learned the truth.

“There was no person! There was never any person at all! There wasn't the pastor, there wasn't the sister, there wasn't a mother,” she said.

Text messages show the couple making light of the situation.

“Bringing home the bacon today, baby,” said one message.

The Mullens were arrested and charged with multiple felonies for exploiting an elderly Gravlee. Their bonds are $1 million each.

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