Nearly a year later and still no answers, a family desperate to find their murdered son’s killer

OKLAHOMA CITY - Nearly a year after his murder, Dontre Morris' family is desperate for answers and searching for justice.

A large group of Dontre's family and extended family gathered at NW 27th and Roff St. where his vigil remains. It's been well tended by loved ones unwilling to give up on the search for his killer.

"Wonderful kid. Wonderful," said Dontre's mother, Michelle Joslin. She and family insist that Dontre wasn't involved in street life, an entrepreneur working two jobs to support his family. "That`s what makes this so much harder is because this was not something that should have happened to him."

On October 4th last year, police said Dontre was shot during an argument by a suspect police were told was wearing a mask. The argument started while Dontre was still in his car near NW 27th and Lyons. At some point, a number of shots were fired. Police said Dontre tried to speed off making it about a block away before he crashed into a light pole near NW 27th and Roff.

He was pronounced dead on the scene with a gunshot wound near the back of his head.

The 26-year-old left a baby son behind.

Now nearly a year later, there is still no suspect, and no arrest has ever been made.

"For him to senselessly shoot him in the back like that, that was the coward way. Couldn't even face him like a man," Dontre's father, Timothy Carter, said. "And he`s still not a man because he`s running. Somebody knows something, somebody heard something."

The pain is still on the surface for this family, desperate to find peace for their son.

"I can't move on," Joslin said. "To be murdered and nobody knows why it`s just beyond me."

Police said the investigation remains open. Meanwhile, the family has offered a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of his killer.